The Aztec Municipal G.C. is proud to provide instructions and lessons to golfers of all ages through their partnership with

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Richard McDaniel

Richard McDaniel
With a Golf Operations Management degree and over 30 years in the golf industry, Richard McDaniel brings additional experience and expertise to Aztec Municipal Golf Course.

Richard has developed a program of instruction he calls Triangle Golf. He feels there are three major aspects or angles of approach toward success in the game:
  • 1st "Master your skills", this is the fundamental mechanics of the game for full swing, short game and putting broken down to laws, principles and preferences.

  • 2nd "Master your strategies", this is the approach you use on the golf course, managing your game in a way that puts you in the position for your best shots to lower your score.

  • 3rd "Master your stress", an approach to gain confidence and achieve a level of focus that reduces those bad shots due to overthinking.

  • "While I have, what I believe is a proven system, I always first consider the student's goals for the instruction, tailoring my approach to best satisfy the individual's knowledge, abilities and ultimate desire for improvement."

    Richard presently is the golf technician for Dick's Sporting Goods in Farmington and splits his time with his duties at Aztec Municipal G.C. He is grateful to the city of Aztec and the concessionaire for allowing him to be part of the continuing improvement of this community asset. Look for golf tips and schedule lessons online at Triangle.Golf or call Richard at 505-369-GOLF.

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